#drupa2016 – the show certainly does it for me each time.

Once you have been to one drupa, there is no escape, you will be back in four years time… – stronger, wiser but as far as I am concerned still with the same level of excitement and admiration! This show really gets me going. The smell of the inks, the roaring noises of the presses, the colourful displays of the over 1,800 exhibitors coming from the four corners of our planet; over 300,000 visitors strolling from one stand to the next, some just for pleasure, others just for business, the whole printing world together in one spot all engaging in the drupa experience! I certainly enjoyed it to the fullest.

If you love print, you can only love drupa – everywhere you look, you see passion and where there is passion, there is life so stay tuned for more drupa excitement! Countdown for 2020 has definitely started for me!