Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Dear visitor to the pr4u website (owned by GEMF Development SPRL),

Thank you for stopping by. We have no idea who you are, but feel free to reach out if you’d like to get in touch via our contact page.

pr4u is a website and as such it complies with all regulations. We do not track cookies. We do use Google Analytics to see where our visitors are from and which content gets the most traction via which channel. Like you, we prefer to spend our time on content that works – by checking behavioural visit, we hope to tailor content further to your liking.

On the contact page, we invite you to share your details with us: full name, e-mail address and the reason for reaching out. What do we do with this data?

1.     Prospect – nothing so far. we don’t distribute a pr4u newsletter, neither do we intend to do so. Your data is processed in a central file we store safely on our server. Should we ever wish to include you in a newsletter, we will reach out once to request your permission. If ever we use your data, it will be a personal outreach serving a professional purpose.

2.     Press – as a member of the media, you will have reached out to obtain information from one of the pr4u clients. In your business capacity, you are therefore added to an overview of press contacts. What does this entail?

Press database – GDPR files

Media databases are built one contact at a time

For the distribution of press releases, this is how pr4u processes your data in a mail distribution tool:

a.     Your data tracked: first and last name, e-mail address and field of expertise, stored in a central Excel database on the pr4u server. That’s it. Any other information will only be stored in personal mobile phones or linger in Mail or Outlook.

b.     Where? Your e-mail address is processed into one central press database. Depending on your preference and market expertise and our customer’s market, you will receive releases via the Mailpro distribution platform. The database is stored on a secure and confidential server in Switzerland and contains media data from press contacts worldwide.

c.     Do we share this data with anyone else? Most certainly not. Not now, nor ever.

d.     How did you end up in our database? We most likely met at an event and exchanged business cards. Or you asked to be included in our database. Or we got your data from a press registration list at one of the key trade shows. That’s it. Like data, relationships shouldn’t be bought.
-> We assumed back then it was OK to add you. You can always unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive news. Let me know via

e.     The database is live content – it is constantly kept up-to-date with your latest data. But feel free to adjust your settings at all times via this form.

f.      Your data will remain in the pr4u database ad infinitum. pr4u commits to yearly reactivation campaigns to make sure both our outreach and your data remain targeted.

g.     You have the right to check, edit and have your data removed anytime. Drop us a line at to check, edit or remove your data. To formulate a complaint, please also reach out to this e-mail address.

This privacy and GDPR statement will be updated as business progresses, and other tools get implemented.

Nonetheless, your personal and professional integrity are quintessential to us. Thank you for reaching out if you have any questions, comments or remarks.